a cherished landscape
A Cherished Landscape is all about bringing great lyrics, found in splendid hymns and spiritual songs, back to worshippers of all ages.

Those of us around 50 years of age will no doubt have fond memories of many hymns - often the mention of a first line will trigger the tune in your mind. Many born in the 1970's or later simply don't have these memories.

Whilst there are many great new Christian songs being written today, there is still room for hymns, many of which are beautifully written and packed with truth.

Some hymns are glorious as they are, some can be gently and lovingly restored without losing any of the passion they have held for decades, whilst others deserve releasing through completely new arrangements.

Volume 1 features a mix of eight tracks, all in a gentle, worshipful style.

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Preston Christian Bookshop
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A Cherished Landscape

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